Lessons from Click: Don’t Put Your Life on Autoplay

This weekend I watched the movie Click for the first time, and I found myself with a desire to start living my life differently.cXR4a7WITJbzkVbWQJ3UVkoK2sd

Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) is a workaholic who puts his job above his family while pursuing a well-deserved promotion. In an attempt to balance his life, Michael acquires a universal remote from kooky salesman Morty (Christopher Walken). The remote allows Michael to skip or fast-forward through uncomfortable parts of his life. It’s the perfect answer to his dilemma, until the remote takes over and programs Michael’s life for him.

The prevailing theme in Click is to enjoy each day and put family first. The movie is convicting because, even without a remote, we make the same mistakes as Michael.23clic.600

When Michael skips scenes in his life, he goes on autoplay. This means his body is still present, but he gives minimal effort to interacting with others.

We can often do this in our lives. We skip around the boring or hard parts, tuning out instead of investing.

We can see from the movie, that this lifestyle has bitter consequences. So how do we keep ourselves from going on autoplay?

  1. Say, “I love you.” You will never regret being honest with your friends and family about how much they mean to you.
  2. Shut off screens. I love media, but sometimes I need to take a break so I can interact with people. Choose one night a week to be “screen-free” and fill it with quality time spent with people.
  3. Examine your priorities. Michael was so focused on doing well in his job so he could make a better life for his family, he didn’t realize he was neglecting them. Make sure you have the right priorities and pursue them the right way.
  4. Be present in every situation. Unpleasant moments are easier to skip past, but we need to be invested in others no matter how difficult it gets.

Click is a cautionary tale about what happens when we don’t appreciate every moment we have. Stay off autoplay.

– Megan R.


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