5 Ways To Beat Post-Series Finale Blues

Gravity Falls ended this Monday. After two seasons of monsters, twins, and a fight against a demonic triangle, I’ve got the post-series finale blues. No more Mabel jokes, no more mysteries. Now what?

Even if we enjoy television in moderation, it’s easy to get attached to characters or storylines. If we fall into binging five or six episodes a night, it’s worse. We don’t like endings, even happy ones. So here are five ways to bid the finale blues goodbye.

  1. Read a Book

This is my go-to for recovering from a great TV show. The change distracts my brain from wishing Gravity Falls had three more seasons. Check out our tips on finding an engaging book. Even better, try a new genre.

  1. Find a New Show

If no books catch your eye, another option is a different show. Again, a genre switch can be most effective. Just pick one still airing so you aren’t tempted to binge all five seasons on Netflix.

  1. fantasticbig
    In Theaters November 18

    Wait for the Reboot

Reboots/remakes take a long time, but hope tides many fans through finale syndrome. Harry Potter fans rejoice! Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child are reviving the magic.

  1. Fanfiction

Fanfiction explores all the favorite moments and missed opportunities. The best ones will recapture the themes, characters, and atmosphere that made the series so amazing. Fanfiction can also be really hit or miss in quality and content, so be cautious if you pick this route.

  1. Share the Love

popcornTV is better with a friend. Whether it’s another post-series finale sufferer or the uninitiated, find a buddy, pop some popcorn, and replay episode one. Enjoy the beauty that hooked you in the first place. Celebrate the best moments together and start conversations about what you see.

Tell us about your experience with post-series finale blues. Is feeling sad after a finale a natural part of enjoying media, or is it a sign we’re too invested in a fictional world?

-Josie K.



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