Social Media Talk: Worshiping God or “Trendy” Christianity?


I stopped myself before posting a picture on Instagram that I had captioned with a Bible verse. Something about this didn’t feel right. Why? It was in that moment when I realized what the problem was—I was doing this out of my own selfish desires rather than out of genuine worship. The only reason I included a Bible verse at all was to get more attention, more likes, and to make people think, “Wow, she seems like a really cool Christian.”

I feel like this has become a problem in our society, especially with social media. It can be so tempting to put on a persona in the online world in order to filter out the things we don’t want others to see. We want to look cool, trendy, and make a good impression. As Christians, it can sometimes be easy to take a picture of our open Bible next to a cup of coffee, use a vintage-looking filter, caption it with a verse, and post it in hopes that we get attention for looking like a “hipster Christian.”

I am not saying that it is wrong to share Bible verses on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. If you look at our blog’s Twitter, you will see that we share verses every so often. But I think overall, it is important that we stop and think about our motivations before sharing anything on social media (for example, #afterchurchselfie is a hashtag used over 10,000 times on Instagram). Are we simply using God as a way to draw attention to ourselves? Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:5 that we should not be like the hypocrites who pray on street corners in order to be seen by others. Let us examine our hearts before uploading a selfie with a Scripture reference.


Author: emannehblade

Writer for a blog called "Beautiful Media."

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