Five Ways Feminism can Improve Fiction

The presentation of women in fiction has come a long way, but the subject of feminism and fiction is still incredibly contentious. Many feel that feminism in fiction is divisive, but feminism can benefit everyone by improving the work of fiction overall. Here are five reasons why feminism can improve fiction:

  1. It expands the audience of a work of fiction.

Great fiction is able to reach all people. If a story contains problematic messages about women, then it’s cutting its intended audience in half. Women can and frequently do still enjoy these stories, but the message that they’re really for boys only still persists

  1. It promotes unity.

Feminism in fiction aims to bring women into fiction more frequently and respectfully. This in no ways means that it will push men out. Good feminism promotes unity between men and women.

  1. It pushes for more creative writing.

Creating lifelike characters is difficult. Therefore, many writers fall for the temptation to use flat or stock characters. This is true for characters of both sexes, but female characters seem particularly prone to this. Feminism challenges writers to put a bit of extra effort into their creative writing.

  1. It reflects reality more truly.

No matter how fantastic the story is, all great fiction communicates truths about reality. And feminism in fiction is all about conveying the diverse spectrum of women that really exists in the world.

  1. It honors women as people bearing the image of God.

Art in any form honors the original artistry of God’s creation—and women are an essential part of that creation. The priority of all fiction should give respect and honor to people of any kind because they bear the image of God. Feminism is just one of the many ways that we can create achieve that goal.


–Emily D.


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