7 Practical Steps to Choosing a Gripping and Engaging, Good Book

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If you love to read, then you know the agony of trying to read through a dull book. You may also have spent countless hours roaming the library or bookstore to find that perfect book. As Christians, we want to fill our minds with uplifting media, but that does not mean we must only read Christian books. In fact, there are numerous good books that are thought provoking and well written and are also good for the soul.

Maybe you have a vacation quickly approaching, a free Saturday, or you simply always need to have a book by your bed. Whatever your reason, here are # steps to help you never go good-book hungry again.

  1. Start broad. Identify a general topic or genre that interests you. Fiction or non-fiction? Romance or Sci-fi?
  2. Check websites and reviews. See what others are saying about the particular books in your desired category. Amazon.com is great for browsing and finding good reviews.
  3. Put in you two cents. Now that you have a list of popular books, it’s time for you to decide what actually looks good. You know what kind of stories you enjoy most. Read plot summaries and/or descriptions.
  4. Make a list. As you narrow down what books are most popular to you, keep a running list of titles and authors.
  5. Head to the nearest library or bookstore. You may have a larger list than you can possibly buy or checkout, but you are covered in case a book is unavailable.
  6. Read. Yes, that may be obvious, but I know I have brought home countless books that I’ve never opened, or never finished. If the book is a dud, yes, it’s okay to move on. But sometimes a little perseverance can be very rewarding.
  7. Find a winner? If you end up loving the book, look up the author and see of he or she has written others. This is a great way to quickly add books to your list that you know you’ll love.

-Megan W


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