Kamala Khan: Ms. Marvel Represents

Kamala Khan is shaking up mainstream comics. She’s one of the first leading female teenage in the Marvel-verse and the first Muslim hero with her own series.

kamala khanInstead of falling into stereotypes, Ms. Marvel presents Kamala and her family as living, breathing people. Different from some readers maybe, but people with dignity and challenges. She faces bigotry from villains and kids at school. Her parents are strict because they want the best for her, and she learns from their wisdom. Her family and faith are part of her identity and help her develop as a hero.

Kamala’s story might be different from mine, but she’s a normal teenager too. She’s plays online games, writes X-Men fanfiction, and takes selfies with her heroes. Kamala is in the minority in comics, but that makes her even more inspiring.

As she comes to grips with her newfound powers, Kamala becomes a voice of her generation. When The Inventor calls teenagers parasites and uses them as batteries, she rallies the teens. She reminds them not to buy into the stereotypes other make about them. They have futures and purpose.kamala khan and wolverine.jpg

Kamala’s also learning about herself as she learns about her heroes. She accepts that she isn’t a tall, blonde, TV beauty. She finds friends and mentors to support her and figures out how to be super without double-crossing her faith.

Ms. Marvel is about superheroes, giant robots, and teleporting dogs, but it’s also about being a teenager. Kamala encourages us to see past stereotypes to love our neighbors even when other media tells us otherwise.

-Josie K.


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