What Can Christians Learn from ‘Friends’?

Friends can be a controversial television show for Christians. The show contains many sexual references and inappropriate situations.

Still, the show is a 90s classic and many can admit to it being their guilty pleasure. The characters are funny and endearing, and the story lines are ridiculous and entertaining.


Should we be ashamed of liking this show?

There are things we need to be careful of when we watch Friends. Talking casually about sex is not okay, and we shouldn’t become too comfortable with what the show and culture tells us is normal. We need to be on guard that these things do not influence our lives and hearts.

However, Friends carries some timeless lessons that Christians can appreciate.


The premise of the show is six friends trying to manage life and adulthood. Nothing ever seems to go as planned, and the characters are set face to face with reality in every episode. But in the midst of reality, they stay loyal to their friends no matter what.

The characters in Friends are fictional, but they show us friendships that the Christian community can learn from.


They all just chose each other. They don’t all have a lot in common, and they don’t even like each other in every episode, but they never abandon each other. They don’t glorify their friendships, but they go through the mundaneness and the craziness of life together, always there to lean on if someone needs it.

Imagine if we could model Christian friendships this way. What would it look like for Christians to choose each other and stick around through every season of life we face?


– Megan R.


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