The Questions that made Jurassic Park a Blockbuster Hit

In 1993 the very first Jurassic Park was released. This Steven Spielberg classic trilogy made well over $1 billion in ticket sales and became one of the most popular “man vs. nature” series to ever hit the box office. For some reason, people could not get enough of an entire park created for once extinct dinosaurs.

But what an intrigue this is! The movies incorporate some typical horror elements, certainly to keep you on the edge of your seat, but mostly they are Jurassic thrillers that raise many ethical questions.

I believe it is these questions that made Jurassic Park so popular. When the movie was done and the credits had rolled, people wanted to keep talking about it.

What if we really did possess the technology to bring dinosaurs back? If so, should we? Is it right to keep the dinosaurs locked up? Can man control nature?

These movies pushed people to think deeper about the reality of living in a technologically advancing world—and how far we can use those rights (if they even exist).

About 22 years after Jurassic Park, Jurassic World debuted to an eager audience this past summer. Along with a new director, digital effects, and cast, this movie presented a new audience with new questions. Much like the first trilogy, Jurassic World deals with a loose dinosaur in a park filled with hundreds of innocent vacationers. As if the pure existence of a live dinosaur is not enough, the dinosaur in this movie is genetically modified. It is smarter, faster, and deadlier.

I, along with most Jurassic Park fans, believe seeing the beauty of a once extinct creation alive would be a true wonder. But—is it our right to play God? These movies present the reality of answering that question with “yes.” Jurassic Park takes us on an amazing and exciting adventure, but should also remind us that we have a mighty and sovereign God in good control of everything from a tiny microorganism to gigantic T-Rex.

-Megan W


One thought on “The Questions that made Jurassic Park a Blockbuster Hit”

  1. I liked the Jurassic Park movies a lot, and I completely agree with this! In fact, I think Jurassic Park and Jurassic World did better than the other two movies (The Lost World and Jurassic Park III) was because it raised those questions. Park had raised questions about cloning; World raised questions about genetic modification. The other two were just dinosaurs eating people for two hours.


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