Flash Back Friday: Beauty in Michael Jackson’s Music

From the Jackson 5 to the Jacksons to emerging as a solo artist, Michael Jackson is a legend. His album “Thriller” is one of the best-selling albums of all time, not to mention his signature dance moves that have become iconic. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I Michael Jacksonwasn’t very familiar with him or his music until after his death in 2009. But last year, my roommate and I went through a bit of a Michael Jackson obsession. We blasted his songs almost every morning as we got ready for class, watched videos of his performances, and learned his songs on guitar.

What is it that makes his music so timeless? The catchy bass lines? His unique voice? Or is there more to it than that?

Something that I think makes Michael Jackson’s music beautiful is the emotion that he is able to channel through it. For example, his song “She’s Out of My Life” captures the mixed feelings of a break up. In “They Don’t Care About Us,” he boldly displays his anger toward the media. And then there’s “Man in the Mirror,” which talks about first making a change with yourself in order to make a change in the world.

Michael Jackson first performed the moonwalk on March 25, 1983 during his song, “Billie Jean.”

I think this is a big reason that Michael’s music has stood the test of time. Sure, the catchy melodies are part of it, but not many other artists that I’ve listened to have been able to so accurately portray such a wide rage of emotions. I would say that his music could be a soundtrack to life. In other words, you can listen to it when you’re sad, angry, happy, going for a jog, or need motivation to do homework (although, you may end up getting completely distracted as you sing and dance along, which usually happens to me).

So what’s your favorite Michael Jackson song? Have any of his lyrics resonated with you in some way or another?

-Emily H.













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