What The Middle Teaches Us About The Mundane

  The Hecks aren’t superheroes. They aren’t spies or wealthy 20th-century aristocrats. They’re just a regular suburban family facing the warts and worries of everyday life.

Most of their problems are normal. Help Sue make friends. Keep the laundry mountain under control. Balance that checkbook. Make sure Brick goes outside.

brick updates his blog

Life is chaotic. Sometimes it’s stressful just getting out the door with everything you need for the day. Add a job, cooking, homework, family, friends, and everything else and life is overwhelming. It’s hard to appreciate little victories like matching socks.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. One of the best ways to deal with it is slowing down. Make the mundane moments count.

At the end of each episode, Frankie and her family have duct taped the crisis back together. Whether it’s a second to breathe or Sue surviving her cheerleading tryouts, there’s something to be grateful for. They grow more from the everyday disasters than they do in the calm.

According to The Middle, the most joy comes in the middle of chaos. Appreciate the forced pauses of the grocery line. Thank the Starbucks barista. Match your socks (or don’t.) Text your parents.

Life is crazy. Take a cue from the Hecks and make the most of ordinary moments.

-Josie K.


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