The Evolution of Rock: Why Christians Should Appreciate this Genre


This past Wednesday, February 3rd, was the 57th anniversary of what is called “The Day the Music Died” also known as the day that Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper were killed in a plane crash. In case you’re not into ‘50s music, they were all central figures of the emerging, and now very broad, genre known as rock.

Originating from the combination of genres such as jazz, gospel, and country, rock was very experimental. It soon became a genre about breaking rules and shocking the audience, making a powerful impact on culture. It’s no wonder that many parents of teenagers did not approve of them listening to this style of music, worried that it would have a negative influence on their behavior, encouraging them to rebel.

Rock has branched into many directions over the years, such as “classic” rock, punk rock, heavy metal, grunge, and indie rock. One thing that has remained, however, is the overall assumptions and stereotypes made about this style of music and the people who listen to it. Because rock has had many negative connotations with it over the years, it is sometimes hard to think of it apart from “rebellion” or “teenage angst.”

There is a lot to appreciate about this genre, however, especially as Christians. Rock is such a powerful and passionate style. It is very real in the types of issues that it deals with and is not afraid to tackle dark subject matter. I think that rock, even secular rock, is beneficial for us as Christians because it displays a sense of boldness and vulnerability, which is often lacking on our community, but is crucial.

So what is something that you appreciate about rock? Do you find it more relatable than most other styles of music?

-Emily H.


Author: emannehblade

Writer for a blog called "Beautiful Media."

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