Quality Entertainment: Why a reboot of ‘Full House’ may be just what we need

Come February 26, Full House fans will be gathering in front of their screens to watch the recently anticipated sequel show, Fuller House, a Netflix original.


When we last saw the Tanner family, D.J. was still a teen and Uncle Jesse’s twin boys were toddlers. Fast forward into the future, and D.J., Stephanie, neighbor Kimmy, and the rest of the gang are all back. (All but the youngest daughter, Michelle, that is. Unfortunately, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen both decided that acting was no longer up their alley). 


In this new spin-off series, D.J. is a full-time mom and veterinarian, recently widowed. In an interview with People magazine, Candace Cameron Bure (D.J.) and co-stars Andrea Barber (Kimmy) and Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie) discussed the reboot of the show, bringing the family–and the fans–back together, as well as the reversal of the characters’ roles. While the original Full House followed three men raising three young girls, Fuller House follows three women raising three young boys.


There’s something amazing about the excitement among old and new fans of this sitcom favorite. With so many classic shows available on Netflix and others making a comeback with special reunion episodes or seasons, it’s nice to know that the warm and uplifting Full House hasn’t been forgotten. Some may find reboots and sequels unnecessary or silly, but when we look back at the genuity of the Full House characters and the clean, family-oriented messages in the episodes, there is something quite refreshing in knowing that Fuller House may continue the legacy of providing a quality television experience for its viewers.

Here’s to the shows that make us smile, laugh, and happy cry. May they continue to live on as long as television exists.

-Ruthie F.
What are your thoughts about Fuller House? Tell us in the comments below.


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