Can Twenty One Pilots Answer Your Questions?

Can a band answer your life questions? Some bands may try to, but not Twenty One Pilots.

The indie-pop duo, Twenty One Pilots, is climbing the charts with their latest album, Blurryface. This is the fourth album from Tyler Joseph and Josh Dunn from Columbus, Ohio.

Blurryface was preceded by two self-released albums and one signed album.

The single “Stressed Out” was the first song I heard from Twenty One Pilots. The song is about the mundaneness of adulthood and insecurities that we all experience. I was immediately drawn to the song for its honesty and originality.  The band has a way of relating to real people and causing them to ask important questions, as the rest of the songs on Blurryface’s catchy and creative track list show.

Twenty One Pilots has an inventive tone with Dunn playing the drums while Joseph raps/sings and plays keys, piano, and ukulele. The band also writes profound and relatable lyrics. They deal with real topics like depression, self-doubt, suicidal thoughts, and the difficulty of faith. The style and topics are a perfect fit for young people today.

Can Twenty One Pilots answer your questions? No. But they can ask them, and God can answer. Artists are meant to ask the hard questions that will cause the audience to look to someone bigger for the answers.

You should take my life, you should take my soul. You are surrounding all my surroundings, Sounding down the mountain range of my left-side brain, You are surrounding all my surroundings, Twisting the kaleidoscope behind both of my eyes. And I’ll be holding on to you.” —“Holding Onto You” by Twenty One Pilots

– Megan R.


2 thoughts on “Can Twenty One Pilots Answer Your Questions?”

  1. I love how some musicians and bands articulate the questions I had not thought to ask. I still think the questions are at least as important as the answers. Maybe they are more important.


    1. I think question-asking is a sign of good art. Last year one of our chapel speakers said, “Art does not give answers, but it asks questions that cause us to look to God for the answers.” Looking at art and media this way definitely changes our experience.

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