Struggles and Unity in Parenthood



Not long ago, my aunt convinced my mom to start watching NBC’s Parenthood. I rolled my eyes at first. I hadn’t seen much of it, so to me, it seemed like another typical TV drama. For some reason, though, my mom was crazy about it. This past December, Netflix released the sixth and final season while I was home over Christmas break. My mom watched it every afternoon, so naturally I joined her. Without intending to, I became hooked. Even my dad started watching and getting emotionally invested in it.

How did this happen? What is the secret ingredient that lured my family and I into its trap?

I think the main reason we all got sucked in is because of the characters and the relationships between them. They are written and portrayed in such a way that they feel incredibly real. They make mistakes and stupid choices (many, many stupid choices, I might add). Even though they don’t always learn from the past right away, we are able to see them work through their struggles and mature as time goes on. They also value and prioritize family. The four adult siblings often get together for dinner with their parents throughout the series and their children form close relationships with their grandparents. Although at times they are admittedly too involved in each other’s lives, they are ultimately there for each other. Anytime a crisis hits, they are quick to gather around and support one another.

Not every family is like the Braverman clan. Not every family has each other’s back (or happens to live in the same part of the country). But I think something that we can learn from this show is that we need each other. We need others in our lives helping, supporting, and speaking truth to us along the way. We need to be involved in community. And this is something that God desires for all of us, as well.

Psalm 133:3: “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!”

– Emily H.


Author: emannehblade

Writer for a blog called "Beautiful Media."

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