Finding Hope in Injustice


The crumbling infrastructure of a once glorious and flourishing civilization is the unfortunate reality of the last installment of The Hunger Games trilogy. The entire concept is a bit unnerving. Kids are killing kids as a game — forced to as a way to gain control over innocent communities. Yet, with that being said, this film was in the top 10 for box office sales in 2015. So, what made this film so appealing?

This story is certainly an alarming glimpse into the depths of sin, but it is also a refreshing story of strength, persistence, and love. Facing horrific manipulation, we watch a young woman fight for what she believes is right. Katniss Everdeen is determined to stand-up against injustice, even in the face of death. Quietly she observes the atrocities around her and finds ways to out-smart the corrupt system. Being a hero and a voice to lead the revolution was never Katniss’ intent. She never desired power, fame, or riches. Contrary to many of the leaders we identify with today, this is precisely why she was chosen to lead.

In most cinematic productions, the good guys usually win. While this is true in The Hunger Games trilogy, it comes at a very, very high cost. We live in a world where it seems justice and tragedy are hopelessly intertwined. But, we also live in a world controlled sovereignly by a loving, just God. We must never loose sight of this truth. Through God’s strength we can stand up for the unjust with a loving and humble spirit. Just like Katiniss, we do not need to choose to be a leader of influence. Fortunately we live in a reality that is governed by a good God who beautifully orchestrates our lives. Any power or influence we have ultimately reflects Him and His awesome glory.

-Megan W





One thought on “Finding Hope in Injustice”

  1. I would be curious to hear what kind of parallels there are between the Hunger Games realities and the systemic abuses in our world. I like how you point out how Katniss took on the corrupt system


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