Celebrating 25 years, reliving the magic of ‘Hook’

In honor of its 25th Anniversary, I must express the deep appreciation I have for one of my favorite 90’s films: Steven Spielberg’s Hook.

When it comes to this movie, it seems there are two kinds of people. Those who have seen it and those who have never even heard of it. If you’re in the latter group, congratulations! You are now aware of one of the best live-action, swash-buckling children’s movies of all time.

In my opinion, at least.

In this whimsical spin-off, follow Robin Williams, a grown-up Peter Pan with no recollection of his past, consumed with work, and more inclined to talk on his cell-phone than with his own children. Dustin Hoffman plays a revengeful–yet amusing–Captain Hook, Julia Roberts a sassy Tinkerbell, and Dame Maggie Smith an elderly, but lovely, Wendy Darling. What more could a Peter Pan fanatic ask for?

This movie is perfect for families. It’s clean, fun, adventurous, and vibrant. The cartoon Neverland from 1953 comes to life–even the Lost Boys make their appearance, playing a significant role in reminding Peter of who he really is.

Overall, this movie depicts the essentials–the things that truly matter, like love, family, hope, and sacrifice. In his quest to save his children from Captain Hook, Peter doesn’t merely discover his childhood-self but what he’s been missing for so long: his children’s lives.

“We have a few special years with our children, when they’re the ones that want us around. After that you’re going to be running after them for a bit of attention. It’s so fast, Peter. It’s a few years, and it’s over. And you are not being careful. And you are missing it.”

-Peter’s wife, Moira

With numerous movies focusing solely on romantic relationships, this film is refreshing, focusing instead on the love between parents and their children. There are so many great things to enjoy about this movie, and while I can’t name them all, consider these three (and tell me you aren’t convinced):

  1. Robin Williams’ clever one-liners
  2. Beautiful music (Hooray! for John Williams)
  3. Flying through Neverland–happy thoughts included

-Ruthie F.


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