Slowing Down


You’ve probably noticed something about our culture: we hate taking our time. It’s something that’s looked down upon. We receive impatient sighs from costumers behind us when we try to pay with exact change, we heat up pre-made microwave meals for dinner, and you might as well forget about driving the speed limit.

Because I am a writer and an English major, I am constantly being told that I need to be observant. I need to find beauty in the world where others don’t see it. Most importantly, I need to share my findings with others in what I write. To be honest, this can be pretty difficult sometimes when we are living in a world with pain, suffering, and evil almost everywhere we turn, not to mention a society in which the word “instant” means everything.

Something that I personally have learned from engaging with pop culture is that we, especially in the Christian community, can be very quick to jump to conclusions and assume the worst about secular music, books, movies, etc. We tend to label a lot of it as “bad” without taking time to find and appreciate the beauty that it holds. But if we are being so careful to stay out of pop culture, then why are we still letting ourselves be influenced by the crazy rush of society? Why don’t we slow down and take time to find and appreciate beauty wherever it can be found? This is an area I hope to continue to grow in as I am on my journey of becoming a writer. I also want to challenge you to slow down from the busyness of day-to-day life and find beauty in things that may not initially catch your eye.

– Emily H.


Author: emannehblade

Writer for a blog called "Beautiful Media."

4 thoughts on “Slowing Down”

  1. Blog comments are expected to be kept short, as well, in our rushed society.
    The blog I’m working on (The Correlation, shameless plug) is about a similar concept. Many Christians make snap decisions about pop culture and fandoms, but if they take the time to learn about them, they may find a) they’re not so bad, b) they’re actually really fantastic, and c) some of them have a Correlation with Christian faith (shameless plug; we’re just getting started so I feel like spreading the word as much as I can).
    As for your topic: I live on a really beautiful college campus, but I tend to get stuck in my own thoughts so I don’t notice the nature most of the time. But I think that actually makes it even better when I do slow down and notice it.
    As right as you are, if we were always slow enough to notice the beauty in things, the beauty wouldn’t be as much fun.


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