Where is God in secular media?


Photo Credit: Nikki Watson

The movie ended and the credits rolled and I was left sitting in the theater with a conflicting sense of pleasure. “Wow, that was an incredibly good movie,” I thought to myself. Yet, at the same time I felt conflicted because what does the word “good” really mean? Was it good morally? Well, no, not completely. But it was good. The casting, plot development, and creative filming were spot on. It was beautiful.

As a Christian, being constantly bombarded with a plethora of media choices can be very difficult. I, along with five other college students created Beautiful Media to help other Christians like us see media through a new lens. Christians are called to live in the world, but not of the world. So, how do we interact with the world’s media and truly enjoy it even when it is all tainted by sin?

But we are all tainted by sin! And even so, we can still see beauty all around us. There is beauty in the media that we interact with everyday. A lot of times I find myself focusing on all the bad in media that Christians should avoid. This blog is designed to specifically help us refocus our sight on the good in media, not the bad. To see the beauty that is in the movies, books, television, and music we engage with. We cannot separate ourselves from this world – God created it! He gave talent to Hollywood actors and persistence to aspiring pop musicians. Join us as we break down the Christian stigma that all secular media is a threat and illuminate the incredible beauty that lies all around us.

– Megan W


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